From Reader tachi1

Not every Pride and Prejudice variation is enjoyable. Maybe because they significantly change characters you have set opinions about or maybe because they alter the plot to where it no longer relates to the original. This book does neither. Some rough edges are smoothed a little, such as in the case of Mrs. Bennet and Aunt Catherine but, by and large, everything that happens is consistent with what might have happened if Jane Austen had made her book longer.

It is also interesting to see the world more through the eyes of Colonel Fitzwilliam, to flesh out his character, to expand on the almost undefined personality of Kitty Bennet and Georgiana, and to see Elizabeth and Darcy as important but not the main characters.

This books walks the fine line between respect for the original plot and characters, and improvisation on a well-loved plot. It does so with intelligence and charm. I'm very happy to have found it, and have no hesitation in recommending it.

From Reader Alison

There was one scene, where Mr. Bennet is interrupted by Mrs. Bennet and I thought Jane had come back and wrote it. Many times throughout this work, I thought that. The author does justice of taking a path that could have occurred in the regency and in Jane's world.

I like reading tales about what happens after Elizabeth and Jane get married. This was well done and brings in so many of the characters of their world, giving some plausible and perhaps not reasons for them all to be together again. The author did his homework, and as with so many others, the many video adaptations of Pride and Prejudice influence the storyline, but also there is a great deal of history here as well.

Colonel Fitzwilliam is obviously a main character and so much of Jane's tales left the war out, that here we see that the war plays a hand in the romance. That fighting Napoleon, is a reason for the pacing of the tale, and certainly gives us the reason to see the letters to and from the Colonel that make this story so enjoyable. The letters give us a sense that time is passing, as do the events in our favorites lives, such as Lizzy and Jane. (They are new brides and then of course, they become mothers themselves.)

I also like how Mr. Bennet now has sons that he can talk to and rely on. Longbourn with five daughters and wife seemed to be something he also wanted. A great read. I hope to see more from D.W. Wilkin

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Reader Theresa

This is a great book! I just finished reading it and it was fascinating. I found this book accidentally...

Reader Sally

I bought this book because my favorite P&P character is Colonel Fitzwilliam and because I love Jane Austen sequels and 'what-ifs'. This book is a sequel though it is obviously not from Lizzy or Darcy perspective. The author does a magnificent job of coloring in the details that make up Col. Fitzwilliam's person. He is a personality that all of us want to know personally by the time we close the cover of the book. Based on the title, I'm sure you have already surmised that though the Colonel does his duty by his country at war, he also has a chance at finding the felicity in marriage for which he secretly envies his cousin. He is drawn to a lady who would have been a long shot not long before the events of this story, but circumstances have changed. I do not wish to be guilty of any spoilers so I will stop there about that.

Though the story is Colonel Fitzwilliam's, the author keeps us up on the comings and goings of the rest of the familiar characters so no matter who your favorite P&P character is, they are probably getting some time on the page (with the exception of Lydia and Wickham).

There is suspense, humor, and poignant moments to touch many emotions in the reader. I will say this. If you are looking for a lighthearted romantic romp, you will be disappointed. The tone of the book is spoken in a heavier, richer voice more in the style of Austen herself. Its a great addition to Austenesque literature and I can heartily recommend it.

Reader Wild Rose

I gave this book 5 stars because it was so well-written. I've always wanted to see a story where Colonel Fitzwilliam and Kitty Bennet end up with each other, but I always wondered how that would happen because Colonel Fitzwilliam needed to marry a woman of fortune; he tells Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice. Well, the author did an amazing job of making it all work. It runs so smoothly, and he doesn't make any significant changes to the characters, which I loved. It really frustrates me when authors do that. I would definitely recommend this book to all Pride & Prejudice lovers.

Reader C.M. Mitchell

The story itself, the writing and the character development is great. D.W. Wilkin is a very talented writer, ...  I loved the story and would recommend it!