Fitzwilliam Darcy's cousin, the Colonel, is bound for war on the Peninsula. Is there love in his future while war wages across Europe?

   When Colonel Fitzwilliam witnesses his cousin Darcy marry for love, not money, which he feels destined to do, he refuses to himself to be jealous. He does not expect his acquaintance with the Bennet Clan to change that.

   Catherine Bennet, often called Kitty, had not given a great deal of thought to how her life might change with her sisters Elizabeth and Jane becoming wed to rich and connected men. Certainly meeting Darcy's handsome cousin, a Colonel, does not affect her.

   But one has to admit that the connections of the Bingleys and Darcys are quite advantageous. All sorts of men desired introductions now that she had such wealthy new brothers.

   Kitty knew that her younger sister Lydia may have thought herself fortunate when she had married Mr. Wickham, the first of the Bennet daughters to wed. Kitty, though, knew that true fortune had come to her. She just wasn't sure how best to apply herself.

read Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence,an enchanting and memorable sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that completely evokes Jane Austen’s style, characters and tradition. Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence is a romp through the regency and a plethora of Austen riches to add to your collection.

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   This is the story of two characters from the most loved work in English Literature. It continues where Pride and Prejudice leaves off. Jane Austen finished her tale with a few brief paragraphs on what was to come for all her fond creations. In Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence we follow these two and are accompanied by all the rest, over the course of the next few years as England sends it brave sons to war with the French on the Iberian Peninsula.

   With the backdrop of actual historical events, the war and the battles in Portugal and Spain having an impact on all our favorites’ lives, for Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s closest cousin, we see that the Regency is affected by these true events.

   We also see how the Bennets, and the larger Bennet clan which now includes the Darcy and Bingley families, react to the events of the war. As the title suggests, Colonel Fitzwilliam partakes of a correspondence from the war to those he is closest too back in England, and they reply to him at the front.


   While these letters travel back and forth, Catherine Bennet, Elizabeth’s younger sister  Kitty, grows and comes into her own as she can partake of the ‘Season’ in London. Along with Georgiana Darcy, whom she is of an age with, the two both engage in the fun and frivolity of London. Though their relationship to Colonel Fitzwilliam brings to them the truth that being a woman when there is a war, means that sometimes clouds do darken the sky.

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