Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence

D.W. Wilkin

Mr. Wilkin, the author, is a student of the English Regency. He has written several books and we can expect more to come this year and in the future. A student of history, Mr. Wilkin graduated with a bachelors in history from UCLA. In later years he continued his studies and applied himself as a re-enactor of history. 

A member of several societies that pursue the study of history through reenacting, Mr. Wilkin is a well known figure in these circles covering history from the middle ages to the present

Along the way, Mr. Wilkin became a teacher of dance from these former times. Several of those dances from prior periods of history that are covered and mentioned in his novels are spelled out at the Regency Assembly Press website.

After his first novel, The End of the World, a short interview was published with Mr. Wilkin. Mr. Wilkin writes in several disciplines, but maintains that writing Regencies is his favorite.

Not only does he find drafting his own quite rewarding, but the sequels to the work of Jane Austen are especially gratifying.

“When scripting a sequel to Austen, not only does one ask, ‘What would Jane do?’ as so many want to think what is the right more for society just then, but one asks this consequential question as ‘What would Jane write?’ Capturing the correct tone of every character from Mrs. Bennet to Lady Catherine is a trust from the many fans of the Austen canon. It is one that is not undertaken lightly and one that a writer applies themself to with diligence, passion and love.”

Reviews have shown that Mr. Wilkin has been successful with his care and handling of those very characters. Enjoy Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence and see.